Saturday, February 14, 2009

Michelle Daigle

Hello all, here is my first idea for my business card (front and back). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


  1. i'd change the font of the phone number. it looks like papyrus and anyway there are too many font types/sizes going on for that. so you want a black border? because on the back it might be a nice switchup to not have that.

  2. It's a nice clean design.
    I'd bring the font choices which follow ILLUSTRATION to something simpler, Arial or Century Gothic-

    The black border can cause issues with a printer-- the card can shift when it's printing and you end up with a run of uneven cards-- and they won't guarantee it because it falls under the bleed rules.

    Try one without the borders where the black just goes all the way across.
    Nice work.