Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bamcat Business cards.

Here's my current card, which I'd discarding soon (GET IT):

And here are a few I've been working on. I like the second one the best. Halftones halftones halftones.

Votes? I'm going to keep making new designs. These are fun.


  1. I like the first two a lot, the third one seems less interesting in comparison. The popsicle one is my favorite!!!!!!exclaimationpoint!

  2. hi Allison! I'm voting for the 7-legged cat/skull creature...pretty darn interesting! Maybe you could print all of them and let people choose which one to take?

  3. the third one is boring compared to the first two.
    your colour choices for your phone number on those are both REALLY weird in my mind for some reason. what if you played around with the opacity?

  4. I like the cat one. I'd play around with this concept a bit more-- go with a crop on the cat- mess with some fonts.

    Not a fan of the popsicle one.

  5. Veronica told me that the popsicle one looks too much like I just do food illustration, which is something I don't want.

    She also liked the one with the dog (*cough* Andy) but it could use some more color to it instead of the blue.

    I also might want to use a blip of a piece from degree project as a card, so I'll have more designs up within the week.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.