Monday, February 16, 2009

gregs business card variations

Here are some variations on the card everyone seems to like. I'm much happier with this font.
Kerstin suggested on my blog to use the different font for the second line like in the bottom two, but to keep the spacing between lines the same as in the first card. I agree. Any other suggestions?
Oh, and the back will be minimal with my contact information and probably a small drawing somewhere, still working on it. Thanks everyone.


  1. I agree with Kerstin's suggestion, but switch it so the MILLER is the simpler font and you keep the one you have for ILLUSTRATION-- I like the way that one reads.

  2. I think your image and the placement of text work so nicely together but the backwards lettering is doing you a disservice. I really like everything else about the card but the lettering is distracting when this is the first (and always potentially the last) impression you will be leaving on someone.

    I like how well the image represents your work. I think it holds its own and another drawing is trying to fit too much on a business card. It might look sleeker and more professional if you just blow up your logo on the back and put your contact info under, maybe all centered.

    Hope this helps!